Quality Construction
Mountain Trail RV prides itself on producing the highest quality campers and caravans in the industry, manufacturing everything in house gives us complete control over production and quality.

Critically Acclaimed Craftsmanship

Mountain Trail RV is proudly Australian owned, designed and manufactured 100% in the Albury/Wodonga region.

Since our launch in 2007, we’ve been committed to evolving our world-class campers and caravans. Each model is carefully designed and constructed to thrive in the harsh Australian landscape, while maintaining luxurious comfort and refinement. 

We continue to invest in the latest CNC machinery, source the finest materials from around the world, partnering with the best in the industry, resulting in our award-winning range of campers and caravans.


All models are backed by our renown 2-year warranty

Process and Manufacturing

Every nut and bolt matters to us. We’re constantly pushing components, experimenting, inventing and testing brand new ways of improving our campers and caravans. Since we started Mountain Trail RV over 14 years ago, our mission has been to create innovative, modern and highest quality products.


Our in-house mechanical and electrical engineers work with state-of-the-art computer aided software and are constantly pushing the boundaries to be innovative and create new and exciting campers and caravans.

We pride ourselves in ergonomically designed layouts throughout our campers and caravans, that is first practical and easy to use.

Mountain Trail RV continues to have the attitude, what can we do to make our campers and caravans standout from the rest.

Quality Inspections

Our quality assurance officers examine the campers and caravans at every stage of the build process, ensuring that every one is constructed and assembled to our strict standards.

Each camper and caravan undertakes strict safety and compliance tests, further confirming that they meets our structural integrity guidelines, before leaving the factory.

Only The Best Partners

We work with the finest suppliers in the business, resulting in the best materials and components for our campers.

Vehicle Components

Suspension, Axles and Couplings

Suspension produced by Vehicle Components are recognised by caravanners around the world. They’re battle-tested against harsh terrain.

Dometic Group

Fridges and Awnings

Dometic is a worldwide supplier of high quality and innovative products to the RV and Marine industries. We implement their fridges and awnings to heighten your caravan and outdoor experience.

Redarc Electronics


This South Australian electronics company provides our campers with electronic voltage converters and associated electrical components.


Ovens and Cooktops

Cooking products need to be easy to use and clean, hence why we use Thetford cooking products.


Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling system provider, keeping the interiors of our campers cool when it’s toasty and warm when it’s chilly.



Ensuring stability and safety in all-weather conditions and terrain.