LXV 4.7 Hybrid Caravan

For the first model of the LXV hybrid range, we had to come up with a name.  LXV stands for Luxury Off Road Caravan and the 4.7 represents the body length of 4.7 metres which equates to fifteen and a half feet. 

The LXV 4.7 is a compact off road caravan that packs some punch for its size.  We have always been smart in utilizing space, and we don’t disappoint here.  There is so much going on with the LXV 4.7, featuring a beautiful full queen size bed with panoramic views though the large double glazed windows, plush leather linings, internal shower with toilet and face to face seating.  Manufactured from world class insulated roof and wall panels you will always be comfortable no matter where you are.  Designed to hit the tight tracks with its narrow size, the LXV 4.7 will go anywhere you can tow it and its an all season contender.


Modular, rugged and truly self-contained. The LXV 4.7 Hybrid is a go-anywhere off road caravan.




In most scenarios, once you retire to the bedroom, its bed time, but during the day, its action time and the LXV 4.7 is just that.  When you are not sleeping you are entertaining outside around the full length stainless-steel slide out kitchen, cooking amazing food sourced from the outdoor pantry and refrigerator, and listening to background music through the Rockford Fosgate outdoor speakers that if turned up will get your blood pumping. This is outdoor cooking and entertaining at its finest.  There are also smart features to make it easy such as the electric awning, huge storage compartments, battery monitoring, but really its about being outside.

We think the full height version is absolutely perfect as it offers the best insulation in both summer and winter, but it also offers unsurpassed acoustic insulation.  Its easy to fall asleep in the LXV 4.7.  If you are in a climate where you aren’t so concerned about temperature variation, it can be built with the optional pop top.



When you step inside the LXV 4.7 you will feel like you are stepping into a 5 star luxury hotel room with soft leather face to face seating, diesel powered heating and a plush queen size bed that will draw you in.  If you have a need for the bathroom during the night, its right there and when you wake, take a hot shower before you even step outside. 

Once you sit inside the LXV 4.7 you will appreciate the large double glazed windows that offer panoramic views of the location you chose.  The European panel that forms the roof and walls offer the best thermal and sound break insulation properties available in our industry, which is one of the reasons we chose it.  Imagine camping in the snow, running the diesel air-heater and watching the snow fall, we know because we have done it.  An off road caravan needs to tick a lot of boxes and offer all year round usability and the LXV 4.7. delivers.



The suspension under the LXV 4.7 is our own design, initially developed it for the EDX hard floor back in 2011, we beefed it up and integrated it into the design.  The result is a super smooth and reliable independent trailing swing arm with toe and camber adjustment, replaceable stub axles and dual shock absorbers.



It’s a technical evolution that we are experiencing as consumers and developers, and in the RV industry there is a lot to choose from.  At MTRV we embrace technology and we are also careful about what we put in our vans because we don’t wont you to be stuck in a situation where technology lets you down.

Our wiring harness has been designed by our in-house electrical engineers, it is a full CNC cut, correctly rated, plug and play, sheathed harness with Deutsch connectors. The advantage of a full harness is how reliable it is as well as making life easy for our assemblers.  The harness is responsible for connecting up the vans electrical system such as the 360 watts of roof mounted solar, 2600 watt pure sign wave inverter, 200 amps of lithium battery power, USB ports, internal and extrenal sound system, speakers, fan, TV, battery monitoring stsytem, DC and AC charging, LED lights, 240 outlets, water pump and the list goes on. 

Internal Length4612mm
Overall Length6310mm
Internal Width1910mm
Overall Width2090mm
Internal Height1930mm
Overall Height2800mm (standard air bag ride height)
Tare Weight 1900kg
Ball Weight180kg