FXV 6.5 Family Full width Off Road Caravan

FXV 6.5 Family off road Caravan

The FXV 6.5 (21’6″) is absolute luxury for a family with modern innovative touch control and smart technology.



The FXV 6.5 features an electric awning that can be deployed in less than 5 seconds at the touch of a button.  Take the camp chairs out of the large carpet lined and dust pressurised storage compartments and you are set up in less than a minute.  

The external fold down door under the awning doubles as a drink and food bar as well as an entertainment hub offering full Bluetooth connectivity for smart control and information.  

This is where the fun starts. Connect your smart phone, relax and punch your music out as loud as you like through the impressive outdoor speakers, after all, you are so far off the grid that no one will hear you.




It doesn’t matter where you are on the planet, when you step inside the FXV 6.5 you will feel like you are in a luxury apartment, but with panoramic views through the double glazed windows you will be reminded that you are somewhere beautiful.

Positioned at the front of the FXV 6.5 is the full size pillow top innerspring queen size island bed with luxurious European hood lining above your pillows.  The bed is surrounded by soft closing overhead and side storage compartments for your clothing as well as a soft closing drawer for other items.  We have positioned the windows to give you the ultimate bedroom view.

In the centre of the FXV 6.5 we have placed the kitchen and the living area. There was no expense spared here and the designers did not hold back. Sitting at the table, you will embrace the excitement of going to a café with the face to face seating for the whole family.. At the end of the table is another smart hub, with the touchscreen entertainment system and a second display panel for information and control of the electrical system.

The full length kitchen has been positioned perfectly, offering you the ability to pass drinks and food through the window to the outside food and drink bar.  It comes equipped with a 3 burner gas stove, grill and oven as well as a microwave that can run off the massive 3000 watt inverter, while you are off grid. Opposite the kitchen is the 208 litre refrigerator and overhead cabinets above the kitchen and the café dining table, you will be able to take enough food even with teenagers.

When entering the rear of the FXV 6.5 you have the bunk beds to the right with under bunk storage, straight on you have a washing machine and storage compartment and to the left you have full ensuite with the toilet and shower been separate, offering absolute privacy for the whole family.




The foundation on any off road caravan is the chassis and suspension.  At MTRV, we have been designing and building our own chassis and suspension in-house since 2009, and our engineers knew exactly what to do with the FXV 6.5 to ensure it would hold up to the rigorous corrugations of Australian unsealed outback roads. 

The FXV 6.5 rides on our own independent trailing arm air suspension that offers total flexibility of 3 pre-programmed ride heights and a self levelling program that will ensure it is always riding at the same level, no matter how you load it or where it is going.

Since the commencement of making our chassis we have never had a failure, which is why we offer a full off road guarantee on our chassis.  Built from Australian laser cut RHS steel and hot dipped galvanised we can guarantee that our chassis will not fatigue or corrode, which means you can tow the FXV 6.5 through tough terrain and know it will not let you down.




It is a high tech savvy world, and unless you are on top of it, you could be easily left behind, but not with MTRV.  Our in house electrical engineers don’t sleep at night, and it shows in what they have sourced and included in the FXV 6.5. Designed as an off grid van, it needs to pack some power and it does, with an impressive 480 amps of lithium battery power, 720 watts of roof mounted solar, DC charging while you are towing and AC input, we are sure you will never run out.  

The FXV 6.5 runs a battery monitoring and switch control interface with dual touch control screens, there is one inside at the café seating and another outside at the bar, and if that’s not enough, connect it to your smart phone and monitor everything while you are driving.  Not only does it turn on and off the circuits but it can tell you how much water you have on board and give you critical information such as charging logs, power consumption, time to go and even alarms.

If you like your coffee, you won’t miss out, we have included a 3000 watt pure sign wave inverter that can automatically switch from mains power and run all of your appliances when you are off the grid. It will also run the FXV 6.5 roof mounted reverse cycle air conditioner. 

With any 5 star quality accommodation, lighting can make or break the ambience, so we have included 5 different mood settings from a range of LED lights from bright white through to warm themes and even a blue, to name a few. 

Heating and cooling has been taken care of by the diesel powered hot water service and heater.  We made sure they would operate independently of each other, so if it is a cold night and you haven’t arrived, you can turn on the thermostatically controlled diesel air heater from your smart phone in the vehicle and preheat the FXV 6.5 to any temperature before you have arrived. 


Overall Length


Overall Width


Overall Height


Internal Body Length

6550mm (21’5″)

Internal Body Width


Internal Body Height


Tare Weight


Ball Weight