Being the most innovative hard-floor camper trailer in the market, the EDX Hard Floor Off-Road camper trailer features our patent pending automated open & close functions.

The LXV 4.7 Off-Road Caravan offers customers the opportunity to explore the country in a full-height pure off-road caravan through demanding outback conditions, in refined luxury.

The FXV 4.7 is a pure off-road family caravan that provide families the confidence to travel in the harshest outback conditions with the comforts for the whole family.

The LXV 5.7 Off-Road Tandem Caravan is a pure off-road caravan with an full  internal and an external kitchen giving customers the flexibility to travel to iconic outback destinations.

The LXV 6.7 is a full width majestic and elegant off-road caravan with modern innovation.